The Developer

Grenadier is an ethical, pioneering and sustainable developer. Part of the Oxygen House Group, we believe that successful businesses should make a positive impact on the environment and people’s lives.

Our office, Emperor House, upholds these values. It has the highest possible EPC rating (A+), achieved through a careful combination of sustainable building technologies and materials.

Our entire portfolio of projects showcases our capabilities and our commitment to our guiding principles.

Our team is passionate about integrating sustainable technologies and building methods to breathe new life into St Margaret’s. We are pushing the boundaries of sustainability further than we have ever done before, taking the utmost care in how we realise our vision for this unique site.

To ensure the Grade II and Grade II* listed buildings are protected at every stage of the redevelopment, they will be shrouded in a scaffolding housing until work is complete.

We can’t wait to unveil them and show you what we’ve achieved.