Mr and Mrs Jones

Mr & Mrs Jones

Hear from our Homebuyers

Our previous home was in a lovely part of Dartmoor. We loved living there but often wondered about whether life would be easier if we lived closer to Exeter, and so, we decided we would only move to Exeter if the right property came up.

It was important that the property was close to central Exeter and within a nice community. We wanted a home that we could move straight into, with no weekends spent painting or repairing the house!

We were really pleased to hear that Grenadier were developing St Margaret’s Residences, because we knew that Grenadier was well-established, have amazing ‘green’ credentials, and we knew the quality of the properties would be superb. We had total faith in Grenadier delivering us a high-quality, comfortable home.

Since moving to St Margaret’s Residences, we have loved living in what is effectively a brand-new house. We appreciate how nice and quiet it is here, whilst being near enough to all of Exeter’s amenities – it really works for us as a family.

We found Grenadier to be proactive, knowledgeable, responsive, and always helpful. We had the most amazing customer service, and we feel a great deal of gratitude towards the team for all their hard work on our behalf.

There has inevitably been snagging that needed addressing, but the team have resolved any changes efficiently and we never needed to chase to get things amended.

We still love Dartmoor, but we have absolutely no regrets about our move. We love living here.”

Mr & Mrs Jones