Apartments and townhouses

Striking the balance between high quality and efficient energy performance, the St Margaret’s development will adapt the site to meet the highest modern living standards without compromising the historic character by using the latest in building techniques and technology.

St Margaret’s homes will use natural, breathable wall, floor and roof insulation to minimise heat loss, and innovative upgrades to the original sash windows will ensure they maintain their historic character and are draft proof.

Challenging the common association of period properties with draft, residents at St Margaret’s will instead enjoy the ambient and comfortable temperatures usually associated with new-build properties.

The St Margaret’s development will restore a well-loved site in the area which has sat unused since 2013 and will bring it back to life, improving the local surroundings and environment at the same time.

Maintaining the historic integrity of the site and celebrating the existing iconic architectural features has been a key focus for designers while simultaneously incorporating subtle changes to the building which will ensure the properties match the energy efficiencies of a new-build.

The new homes created at St Margaret’s will attract new residents to the area, enhancing the local economy and bring fresh energy to the already vibrant community.

Opportunities to purchase properties in the area are few and far between, and St Margaret’s provides prospective homeowners with a choice of high-quality, energy efficient apartments and townhouses which seamlessly marry the period features of the buildings, with all the comforts of modern living.